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Thinking outside of the box, but inside the cube.

CTRM3 are commodity trading experts, working in the industry for a number of years for some of the biggest players in this space. Founders Simon and Andrew wanted to shake things up a bit and offer a SASS platform to trade commodities –something unheard of in 2018. They needed something fresh, clean and contemporary to help take on the market.

Tradecube Logo and Branding for Energy ETRM trading platform
Changing the risk market at Tradecube. CTRM3 new energy trading platform
Tradecube. Tracking energy trades quickly.
Tradecube Graphic Devices

The brief

Simon and Andrew wanted a simple brand, that was bold, vibrant and stood apart from other bland brands in this sector.

Brand Guidelines for Tradecube CTRM3
Brand Colour palette for Tradecube

Baz smacked it out of the park. We wanted something cool, and that’s exactly what we got. People regularly ask us who created our brand. Hats off Baz.

Rachel Kelly
Village Manager | Mazing Limited

The results

A modern, fresh brand that really stood out from the competition.